The iCB System
There are 3 elements that make up the BLC; the Individual, the Company and the System.

Everything that the BLC does is done for the Individual.

The Company was setup to provide the financial resources for the Individual and the System was setup to provide the training and support.
The System is the process that we use to teach our people the Pattern and to help them develop into the person they need to become to achaive their dreams.

The iCB System
1.    Listen to Audios and watch videos daily
2.    Read Self Improvements Books daily
3.    Affirm and visualize your dreams daily
4.    Plug into weekly IBO get-togethers
5.    Strategize with your upline weekly
6.    Attend the Quarterly Functions


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If you have a dream in your heart that you cannot achieve doing what you're doing, the BLC can help you get it!

1 is too small a number to be significantů but

You Get 6
They Get 6
Three Deep
Can change the WORLD!

You'll find the system will have more to do with your success than anything else because it's the system that will create the attitude that will lead to the action. And of all of the components of the system... "the weekly IBO get-togethers" and the "Quarterly Functions" will give you the biggest bang, because they'll provide the Atmosphere that will enhance the Attitude that will lead to the action.

Our "Proprietary Educational "Modules:

Getting Your Network Marketing Business Off to a Fast Start

Improve Your Batting Average (Behavior - Attitude - Technique)

How To Penetrate and Dominate (The Law of large organizations)

The Pattern Principle (The Cycle of Activity)

The Art of Self-Generating Income (Duplication in Depth)

The Closer Certification Course (Communication)

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