The iCB System
With the BLC you can achieve your dreams.

We have a proven pattern
that can work for anyone.
There are 3 elements that make up the BLC; the Individual, the Company and the System.

Everything that the BLC does is done for the Individual.

The Company was setup to provide the financial resources for the Individual and the System was setup to provide the training and support.
The Better Life CO-OP Declaration

On July 4, 1776, thirteen colonies declared their independence and freedom from the political, economic, and social tyranny of Great Britain. At that time, 56 men risked their homes, fortunes, families, and their lives for the hope of freedom for all people

Today in America; we, as a blessed nation are faced with a deterioration of the freedom that good men and women have fought and died for throughout our nation's history. Today, economic pressures are ripping at the very core of our country; "the family unit". The pursuit of economic prosperity often means both the husband and the wife work 70-80 hours a week, and in many cases it provides no more than the basic food and shelter for one's family. Mothers are forced to work outside their homes while strangers raise their children. Professionals who have devoted their lives to climbing the ladder of success sacrifice precious time with their loved ones only to realize they are indeed simply an expendable human resources. Corporate restructuring, layoffs, and rightsizing dissolve the hopes of many to ever realize their personal goals of financial security and a prosperous retirement. At a time when financial insecurity, family disunity, government corruption and terrorism grip the hearts of many with fear, there is hope.

In 2014, the Better Life CO-OP was born. Free-spirited men and women, much like our founding fathers in the 18th century, refused to accept the notion that the American dream no longer exists. These warriors believed that personal effort deserves economic reward and that there can never be true freedom without first obtaining financial freedom.

With unyielding commitment to improving the lives of others, reaching out, and sharing hope for a brighter tomorrow, the leadership of BLC set their vision into motion. Their vision is to positively impact the people of the world with the belief that freedom is a choice. Their belief is that the significance of the family unit, faith, peace of mind, and time with loved ones are more valuable than a title on a business card. Thanks to the tireless efforts of this leadership team, a system was created for anyone who shares this common cause. Embrace this system, and virtually anything you can dare to dream is possible.

Our CO-OP members declare their independence from the shackles of economic tyranny. Each has made the decision to pursue economic freedom over the comfort of complacency by continuing the movement that started with this vision. From this day forward, they shall be recognized for their selfless contribution to the lives of others, for the depth of their determination, and for the economic independence that has come as a result of their efforts. No longer will another human being control their lives. They now know the uncommon freedom that is genuinely real and available to all who choose to fight for it.

Come join our movement.

If you have a dream in your heart that you can't achieve doing what you're doing, the BLC can help you get it!

1 is too small a number
to be significantů but

You Get 6
They Get 6
Three Deep
Can change the WORLD!

A triple braided cord is not easily broken!

Welcome to Better Life CO-OP Website

Success is not a matter of chance;
it is a matter of choice.

Welcome to the BLC (Better Life CO-OP), a group of Individuals co-operatively working together to make a Better Life through Crowd Clout.

You are a part of a very dynamic team of Individuals who are realizing their dreams.