The iCB System

The key to confidence is in the size of your list.

If you need help with getting your list bigger, we have a List Broker Program that will provide you with 200 Qualified Prospects.

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If you have a dream in your heart that you cannot achieve doing what you're doing, the BLC can help you get it!

1 is too small a number to be significantů but

You Get 6
They Get 6
Three Deep
Can change the WORLD!

We're not using people to sell products; we're using products to help people get their dreams.

How would you like to have an organization of over 10,000 people?

By following our pattern you could put over 10,000 people in your organization within 1 year.

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The BLC Pattern

The Pattern is the process that we use to put people into our businesses.
8 Step Pattern
1.    Identify Your Dream
2.    Make Some Commitments (Time & Money)
3.    Set Some Goals (Strive for 5)
4.    Develop a List (Use the ADB Program)
5.    Contact the List With a Sense of Urgency (Based on the Goal!)
6.    Invite Qualified Prospects to View the Overview
7.    Follow Up With All Prospects That Viewed the Overview to Make a DEAL!
8.    Teach the Pattern to All Who Made the DEAL

Our Pattern is a cycle of activity where one step leads to the next step. If you ever find yourself stuck and not moving, kick start your actions by going back to the first step. (Identify your Dream)

Pick out some dreams that match up with the chart to the left. Even though this is not a guarantee of an income, it is a pretty accurate income projection based on filling the chart.

4 Personal Enrollment Legs 5 deep
should generate $900/mo in income.

4 Personal Enrollment Legs 10 deep
should generate $3,000/mo in income.

4 Personal Enrollment Legs 15 deep
should generate $10,000/mo in income.

4 Personal Enrollment Legs 20 deep
should generate $35,000/mo in income.

Attach your dreams to achieving these goals and watch your motivation explode

I'll take my time - my money - my resources - my expertise to assist you in building a business that could change your life

If you'll do this:
o  Commit to buy at least $25 per month of stuff
o  Plug into our weekly training broadcast
o  Work with me to drive 5 legs 20 deep