The iCB System
If you choose to Build a Large Organization Business

Look for the Producers and signup the Buyers along the way

Producers and Buyers are both motivated about meeting their Entrepreneurial needs but the Producers Build and the Buyers just buy.

The Buyers can become a Producer if you can get them to plug into the System.

And after you discover the secret weapon from below, you'll see how we'll get the consumers too!

Marketplace breakdown:
      Consumers - 80%
      Buyers - 15%
      Entrepreneurs - 5%

Marketing 101

Consumers - Buyers - Producers

If we could only tell you just one thing, it would be this…

Identify your targeted market and then
create a marketing plan to meet their needs.

And know this to be true…

The needs of the Consumer
are not the same needs as the Entrepreneur.

Consumer Needs:
Price - Quality - Service - Convenience - Selection

Entrepreneurial Needs:

A certain recipe for failure would be…

Using a Consumer Marketing Strategy trying to attract Entrepreneurs
Using an Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy trying to attract Consumers

Step #1: Decide what kind of business you want to have.
Small Retail or Large Organization

Once you've picked your type of business, stay focused on marketing to that targeted market.
Small Retail - Consumers
Large Organization - Entrepreneurs

The Secret Weapon

One might think that the best strategy to captivate the overwhelming majority of the marketplace would be to put together a Consumer Marketing Strategy. After all, 80% of the marketplace fits the Consumer Profile.

And if that's what you are thinking; you would be correct.

Any strategy that doesn't go after the consumer segment would be foolish.

But before we jump into putting a consumer strategy together to go after them, let's dig a little deeper into Marketing 101.

In addition to the 5 basic consumer needs of price, quality, service, convenience and selection there are two other needs that will supersede the 5 basic consumer needs and they are Relationship and Ownership.

What that means is, all things being equal; if a consumer has an opportunity to buy something from a friend over a stranger, they generally will. And as far as the ownership need, I don't think I need to explain that one; you'll always buy from yourself if you're going to be successful.

Now why are these two needs so significant? If you develop a consumer strategy, there is a pretty good chance that some of your customers will stop buying from you if and when one of their friends gets involved with the same company. And again, it goes without saying that you'll lose the customer if they get involved as a Business Owner as well.

Now for those of you who are thinking that your customers will upgrade to an IBO…; that will only happen if you have marketed to them as an entrepreneur first. If all you did was market to them with a Consumer Strategy and someone else shared the Entrepreneurial Strategy with them, they will get in with the Entrepreneur.

Here's what we recommend; use the Entrepreneurial Strategy to target the Producers, signing up the Buyers along the way and setting up as a customer, the people that you have a relationship with that do not fit the Entrepreneurial profile.

With this strategy you can have massive customers. What if every one of your Producers just had 10 relationship customers? You get 5 Producers, they get 5 Producers, through 5 levels; that will give you almost 40,000 customers.